Parents Assisting Inexperienced Drivers

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Parents Assisting Inexperienced Drivers is an organization dedicated to helping parents guide their children to becoming responsible, knowledgeable drivers.

Our goal is to aid parents in assisting their teenage drivers to have a safe driving future.

P.A.I.D. founders are parents who have lost children in automobile crashes.

P.A.I.D. Is a non-profit group that has lobbied for the development of the new Graduated Drivers License Law.

P.A.I.D. Intends to disseminate information to parents to assist them in gaining the best driver education possible.

Parents need to be aware of the school's driver education program and other programs available in their area.

6,000 teenagers killed each year

Automobile crashes #1 killer

Average age 15 - 20 years

Most crashes are due to
Driver error

More teenagers have died in crashes in the last 10 years than Americans killed in the Vietnam War.

Parents need to set guide lines with the teen as to a common ground for training. For example: pick a number of driving miles (1500). These miles will be driven in the presence of a licensed driver (preferably a parent who has the child's best interest in mind and not one who looks upon this as being an inconvenience). Keep a log book. Make notes as to what was experienced and how the situation was handled. When the goal mileage has been reached, review the log book and if more practice is required set the goals again.

Parents have to remember that academic education is twelve years minimum while drivers education is just six weeks and the behind-the-wheel training is up to us parents!

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Open Letter
To Parents
Don't Learn The Hard Way!
Learn and Live
Mistakes are part of any learning process. A simple mistake behind-the-wheel often doesn't have the opportunity to be corrected. Our society's dependence on the automobile has been especially costly with regard to our children. Teenagers lack the experience and judgment to extricate themselves from certain situations and to be completely alert to other drivers. Simply put, our children need more time to learn how to drive safely and defensively. Our goal as parents is to save our children from the threat of their own inexperience.
Parents Assisting Inexperienced Drivers
Some additional suggestions:
*Defensive driving school
*Practice defensive driving
*Disconnect the radio and other audio equipment including cell phone for the 1st few months the teen is driving with a new license
*Limit number of friends permitted in the automobile.
*Teach minor repairs and roadside safety
*Practice, Practice, Practice


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